Ethics and business conduct

PRB believes that performance and integrity are the keys to sustainable success. Acting with integrity means doing the right thing at all times, in the interests of all our stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, partners and associations, as well as all the local communities in which the company operates.

"At PRB, as a responsible company, it is imperative to implement sustainable business practices. As the French leader in construction solutions and materials industry, it is our responsibility to be exemplary. In order to build an ethical and sustainable future, it is important that every employee acts with integrity in the conduct of business. As such, I am committed to mobilizing all PRB managers to ensure that we meet our ethical and compliance commitments."

Olivier Troussicot, CEO



Conducting business

PRB makes a point of making its employees aware of compliance issues. Everyone must consider the consequences of their actions with regard to PRB and its stakeholders.

PRB's Code of Business Conduct is based on the value of integrity. Integrity means that at all times, PRB employees must act in accordance with best practices and with the goal of excellence.

PRB's Code of Business Conduct guides the behavior of its employees in matters of labor law (health, safety, diversity, means of communication), business practices (anti-corruption, gifts and invitations, competition, conflict of interest, insider trading, anti-money laundering) and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Compliance Policy: building an ethical future !

The Compliance Policy is an integral part of PRB's general policy. It is a document that applies to all Group managers and employees, and aims to define the scope of the Compliance Function and the principles governing the Compliance program. The Group's Compliance program consists of a set of rules and procedures designed to promote an ethical culture within our company. Our Compliance program formalizes risk management mechanisms structured around appropriate procedures.


Anti-corruption and bribery policy

The Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy is an integral part of our Compliance program, and complements our Code of Business Conduct. The practice of corruption and bribery seriously undermines the proper functioning of free markets, diluting public trust in business and government. At PRB, we are committed to helping the communities we are a part of to benefit from healthy growth. By combating these practices through clear policies and guidelines, we can ensure that the principles set out in our Compliance Program are properly applied !


Respect for competition

For PRB, business success goes hand-in-hand with respect for the rules governing competition law.

We are committed to fair competition, because it enables us to offer our customers the best products at the most favorable conditions. Fair competition also keeps us at the forefront of innovation.

PRB ensures that its management team and employees are well aware of business practices to be avoided and of the company's commitment to fair competition.