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The coating of façades was once a technique, PRB has now made it an art. An art which combines the richness of the material and harmony of the colours.


For several years, PRB 1st independent manufacturer and 3rd single-coat render producer in France, has been consolidating its offer of products for tilers, floor specialists, masons, painters and the general public.

To make this vision a success, we must carry on improving our products, maintain customer relationships, profits and the family spirit.



Provide better customer service. Improve products, stock availability, order management...

Diversify. Develop mortars, small packaging and DIY Superstore markets.

Avoid profit margin erosion. Lower procurement and production costs, improve productivity.

Limit environmental impacts. Control water releases, chemical risks and atmospheric pollution.

Maintain the Company’s human values. Keep good soft skills, creativity and efficiency in everyday situations.



1st independent and 3rd producer of facade renders in France

A 60 ha site

600,000 tonnes of products produced every year

140,000 m2 of industrial buildings

25 warehouses all over France

A 125 people sales force

Over 500 employees

A turnover of 200 million € annually (2017 figures)